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Randi Zuckerberg's Social Privacy Lesson

Social Media On the Roof | Social Media Privacy ProblemsRecently, Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Facebook mogul Mark and the former marketing director at Facebook, couldn't quite figure out the new FB privacy settings. After a picture of the family went viral, Zuckerberg tweeted angrily about human decency when sharing other peoples' photos. Ironically, this happened on the heels of Instagram, Facebook's sister company, being sued over their new policy ' that Instagram can reproduce and sell any of their members' photographs ' without permission or payment.

Many of our clients have growing concerns over the safety of having company social media development. How can you keep your company's information private without sacrificing Web marketing opportunities?

Social Media Management - St. Louis

Social Media is not Private; that doesn't mean it isn't useful.

There are really two sides to this question: sensitive vs. non-sensitive data. Sensitive company data is a privacy concern that should be dealt with outside the realm of the social media discussion; quality cloud computing and network security are a concern that every company should analyze according to their own needs.

However, social media development is another question entirely. In the case of your own social media, we can only say this: if you post it to the internet on a social media forum, it isn't private.

Not even if you click the 'only my friends' button, not even if you prevent the photo from being right clicked on, not even ' nope. If people can see your pictures, see your status ' it can be reproduced, it can be downloaded, it can be copied, it can be re-tweeted, it can be shared, it can go viral.

How Do You Use Social Media Effectively Then?

With Facebook's ever-changing privacy policies, even Randi Zuckerberg can't keep up with how to make her settings work. Besides ' what if one of her friends had simply Snipped the photograph and reposted it? That requires a lot of trust. The key to having a successful, worry-free social media environment is not trying to control what everyone does ' chances are, if you exist on the internet, you are offending someone ' but to clearly represent your business. Only make posts that you don't mind being re-tweeted. Posts that you want re-tweeted. As the saying goes, if you don't want your mother to see it, don't post it. The best possible outcome online is that your post goes viral ' as long as it is something that you want to have redistributed over the social networks.

Our IT company specializes in Web campaign management including Web development, social media development, and Web training. While we do 'specialize in SEO and marketing', we help our clients work with their campaigns in a common-sense, maintenance approach that takes marketing to audience.

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